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Exciting new technology

Pyvot apparel is calming, to help you feel less anxious and stressed.

Balance and Comfort

When added to your daily routine, Pyvot weight can build muscle mass and strengthen your core.

What people are saying


"It works like a Thunder Vest for people! I swear I feel less anxious wearing this vest!"

Jerry Glasser
Los Angeles, CA

"Not only does it keep me warm, but the weight helps to calm my nerves, activates my core and improves my posture."

Sara Quiriconi
Los Angeles, CA.

"It’s comfortable, soothing and stylish. They found the right balance between design and comfort. It was my first time trying out weighted apparel, and now, I’m totally sold. It’s like a hug in a jacket!"

Eileen Lamb
Austin, TX.

"Omgsh....I don't know what this magic is but I put one on and immediately felt how much tension I was carrying in my shoulders. Everything just like the weight disappeared."

Sarah Levy

" It’s design makes me look AND feel great! It’s like a security blanket that helps me stay centered and calm"

Jolene Goring