Elevate Your Mind and Body with the PYVOT Spark Vest

Want to boost your physical and mental performance? The PYVOT Spark Vest uses gentle compression and weight to keep you focused, grounded, and primed to achieve your goals.

How the Spark Vest Elevates Your State

The PYVOT Spark Vest is designed to elevate your mindset and abilities using targeted deep pressure stimulation. Here's how it works:

Enhanced Focus

The light compression applied by the Spark Vest provides calming sensory feedback that dials down restlessness and distractability. This allows you to zero in on the task at hand with greater clarity and concentration.

Improved Posture

The distributed weight around your torso and shoulders acts as a constant reminder to keep your back straight and stand tall. This subtle posture cue keeps you aligned and engaged.

Increased Stamina

The added resistance from the vest's weight helps to strengthen your core and upper body. Over time this builds endurance for greater stamina during physical activities and workouts.

Heightened Body Awareness

The vest's snug fit and weight increase proprioceptive feedback - your awareness of body position in space. This helps you stay tuned into alignment and movement mechanics.

Decreased Stress

The deep pressure stimulation of the Spark Vest activates the parasympathetic nervous system, signaling your body to relax. This provides a buffer against anxiety and overwhelm.

Experience the Spark Yourself

The PYVOT Spark Vest features a set of innovative details to provide an optimized weighted wear experience:

  • Seamless, non-restrictive fit that moves with you
  • Quick release weights for easy adjusting
  • Moisture-wicking technical fabric to stay cool and dry
  • Reflective trim for visibility
  • Zippered pocket to hold keys or cards
  • Available in a women's contour cut and men's standard cut

Whether you wear it for intense workouts or long days at the office, the Spark Vest elevates your mindset to tackle any challenge with poise, energy and purpose.

The Spark Vest for All-Day Achievement

The PYVOT Spark Vest makes it simple to incorporate supportive deep pressure into all your daily activities. Here’s how it can boost different parts of your routine:

At Work: Enhance concentration during long hours of computer work or tedious tasks. The vest’s calming pressure keeps you grounded and focused.

Exercising: Add resistance to your training and improve your mind-body connection through heightened body awareness. Feel energized and motivated to push your fitness to new levels.

Studying: Minimize distraction, fidgeting, and restlessness during long study sessions. Absorb material better with improved focus and retention.

Everyday Life: Carry the vest’s comforting weight with you throughout all your regular activities for an overall sense of calm, stability and support.

Reach New Heights in Mind and Body

The PYVOT Spark Vest applies targeted deep pressure where you need it most to unlock your full potential. Let the vest elevate your mindset and abilities for peak performance all day long.


Pyvot-weighted clothing is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. Pyvot is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.